Friday, 30 July 2021

How Does Industrial Staffing Help Your Organization?

Organizations are too busy as they invest a majority of their time in the core operations of the business. An organization needs to ensure its success through progressive developments it makes throughout a period. Every organization to make its mark and climb the corporate ladder needs manpower that can take up challenges and deliver up to the standards.

Many discrepancies may occur while developing manpower. The optimization of your workforce’s productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness relies on the staff you are hiring. Industrial Staffing helps you in determining the tide of your organization's success and progress.

Why do you need Industrial Staffing?

You might wonder about the difference between industrial staffing agencies and a general HR department. Well, it is the very fact that the HR department may help you with general recruitment and hiring. However, if there was an option of choosing between expert staffing solutions that are specific for your industry and generic HR operations, which one would you prefer?

If at all, you understand your industrial needs and the competition that this corporate world demands then your preferred choice would be industrial staffing.

Industry-specific statistics can vouch for the potential expertise and skills they have for their staffing processes. Industrial Staffing agencies have a huge database that gives your organization access to competitive candidates that stand out from the crowd.

With the immense amount of experience in the staffing industry, these agencies optimize your workforce by providing the best practices that are characteristic of your company. Industrial staffing seeks to understand the core value of your company and align the candidate’s goals with the vision of your organization.

By carrying out the best practices and approaches to shortlist the best talent from a large pool of databases, these agencies prove to be a vital resource for any organization.

With their industrial expertise, these agencies conduct accurate background checks and verifications of the candidates. Due to advancements in technology, these agencies also have immense knowledge about recruiting software and strategies that work effectively.

Industries all around the globe are witnessing a paradigm shift in the work culture and organizational structure of the industry. To gain a competitive edge, industries now have to optimize their workforce, work on enhancing productivity, and maximizing the motivation of their employees! Without improving the work performance of your employees, your workforce will not be as productive and competitive.

These industrial staffing agencies not only hire the best talent out there in the industry but also attract the audience and increase your brand awareness through strategic advertising and marketing of job roles.

Industrial staffing services save your time and cost of hiring, training, consulting, and managing by leaving your work to the experts. These experts have the industry knowledge that helps you in building the optimum workforce for your industry.

Why choose industrial staffing services at YOMA?

We at YOMA ensure that our services are seamless by providing expert industrial staffing solutions for your organization. Besides the industrial staffing, we realize the skill gap in work experience and graduation. To fill in these skill gaps, we provide extensive on-the-job training as well as classroom learning through apprenticeship programs.

In a competitive world of industries, industry-specific requirements demand potential skills in professionals and staff that are qualified to increase the productivity of the workforce. Our services at YOMA include:

  • Hiring Services

  • HR Consultancy

  • Kiosk-based Login Facility

  • Business Consultancy

  • Onboarding & KYC

  • Attendance Management

  • Productivity Solutions

  • Training & Skilling Solutions

  • Payroll & Compliances Management

  • Entry formalities and exit Management

Industrial staffing services are saviors for industries requiring specialized skilled laborers, unskilled laborers, and technical staff to hire the most skilled staff. Our staffing agency has a massive network of databases that include more than 2 million job seekers that provide valuable resources for your industry through their proficient qualifications.

We at YOMA provide these services at your convenience. Whether you require laborers for seasonal projects, long-term or short-term, we provide expertise in hiring highly skilled laborers to fulfill all the dynamic requirements of industries.

Our association with NSDC that hires and deploys skilled manpower makes us the best choice for your industry. We extensively train your manpower and deploy skilled manpower in high-functioning manufacturing units and industries through the NAPS program.

With the help of these apprenticeship programs, our industrial staffing agencies recruit the trained laborers and skilled technical staff for the industry-specific requirements of your organization. We at YOMA help you build the workforce with the most qualified employees who have the necessary skills that script the future of your organization.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

How Does an Industrial Staffing Agency Develop Your Industry?

To have a competitive edge, industries must assess their needs and integrate industry-specific staff to build the best workforce. We at YOMA ensure that our services are seamless by providing an industrial staffing agency. 

Industry-specific requirements need highly skilled professionals and trained staff that are qualified to increase the productivity of the workforce. Our services include: 

● Hiring Services 

● Kiosk-based Login Facility 

● Onboarding & KYC 

● Attendance Management 

● Productivity Solutions 

● Training & Skilling Solutions 

● Payroll & Compliances Management 

● Exit Management 

Industrial staffing agencies are a great way for industries requiring specialized skilled laborers, unskilled laborers, and technical staff to hire the most skilled staff. Our staffing agency has a large pool of databases including more than 2 million qualified job seekers that provide valuable resources for industry professionals. 

We provide our services at your convenience. Whether you require laborers for short-term or seasonal projects, we have expertise in hiring experienced laborers to fulfill all the dynamic requirements of industries.

We have a diversified competitive edge over other agencies due to our association with NSDC that hires and deploy skilled manpower. This industrially skilled manpower is deployed in high-functioning manufacturing units and industries through the NAPS program. 

Through these apprenticeship programs, our industrial staffing agencies recruit the trained skilled laborers and technical staff for industry-specific requirements. We help you build the workforce with qualified employees that have the necessary skills to operate skillfully, manufacture products, and deliver in their full capacity. 

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

How Can Temporary Staffing Agencies Help Your Company?

In today’s world, corporate employees have to keep up with pressing deadlines, supervise core functioning and handle the execution of the workflow. This alone proves to be a huge burden and multi-tasking their way through these operations is bound to get them worn out.

Although, they may be over-occupied with their operations they also require strong manpower with skilled staff to fulfill the requirements of job vacancies. In such a competitive environment, no company can afford to lose out on the best candidates! This where temporary staffing agencies act as bridges to help organizations build the manpower they require and ease their workload in doing so.

Prevalence of Temporary Staffing Agencies:

These agencies might appear to emerge in today’s time, but you will be surprised to know that these agencies have their roots ever since industrialization. 

Researchers report that temporary staffing agencies have helped in increasing the staff of the companies by 16 percent from 1961 to 1971. The industry payrolls have significantly increased by 166 percent from the 1970s to 278 percent from 1991 to 1999.

Ever since these temporary agencies came into the field to optimize the workforce, the industrial economies have exponentially grown! Working with the right staffing agency that understands the workplace requirements can help in organizational development. These agencies can maximize returns on employee investment through their in-depth knowledge and expertise.

How do temporary staffing agencies help your company?

You may come across many staffing agencies but it is essential to understand how these staffing companies work. By understanding how they work, you will come to realize how beneficial they are to your organization. In the best interest of your organization, temporary staffing agencies can tremendously harness the potential of your business growth strategy.

Setting the standard of your organization: 

Temporary staffing agencies understand the demands of your organization. They set the standard for your organization by assessing the fundamental objectives. These agencies work on industrial restructuring by optimizing the hierarchy.

Hire the best staff: 

They fulfill the core values of your company’s staffing needs to meet the requirement of your target goals. By having access to a larger pool of candidates, they filter out the best talent that suits your company’s values.

Gain access to a larger database: 

Your Company may not have the best resources or expertise in terms of hiring and staffing. These staffing agencies tailor the profiles to meet your demands.

Ensure best business practices: 

By accessing an extensive database that includes all the strategies, helps the organization in building and extending its market. 

Organization can upscale their labor market outcomes as these sectors grow through different phases of development. By adopting their business practices, your company can manage to stay ahead in the industry.

Hire them whenever required: 

As the name suggests, temporary staffing agencies provide their services on a contractual basis. You can integrate these agencies as and when your organization has increasing demands of staff.

Save your cost and time: 

Staffing agencies ensure cost reduction of the HR department and save your time by managing the end-to-end recruitment process. 

They provide the best outsourcing services of the end-to-end recruitment process, HR services of payroll management, legal compliances, exit formalities, and employee lifecycle management.

Staffing solutions at YOMA:

YOMA with its years of experience in staffing and recruiting provides services across various industries.

Spread across diverse industries: 

Our services are extended to industries such as FMCG and Consumer products, BFSI, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT, Engineering, BPO and ITES, Automobiles, Manufacturing, and other verticals.

Shared resource management: 

We bridge the gap between inexperience and lack of resources by deploying our best experts to help you build a resilient workforce. 

We pool in our shared resources to help with the management of the top stores specific to the FMCG industry.

Dynamic services: 

Our services are dynamic as they integrate different services with enhanced functions such as:

  • General staffing, 

  • Industrial Staffing, and 

  • Staff Augmentation 

We also provide Apprenticeship Programs to upskill the technical, skilled, and unskilled labor by adequate training.

In-house technology: 

Having incorporated a fully automated and robust technology platform we help to provide scalability in operating at a larger volume.

Contractual work: 

Our workforce specializes in the seasonal, long-term, and project-based manpower requirements of your organization by providing outsourcing and HR solutions to all sectors of industries, technology, and business.

Analytical reports: 

We believe that consistency is the key to maximize work performance. We analyze real-time reports of our workforce by providing our clients visibility of the workflow, employee dashboards, and on-ground activities at all times. 

Sunday, 4 July 2021

How Can Manpower Solutions Benefit Your Company?

 To pool in the collaborative efforts of your organization, recognizing its needs and delivering services up to their expectations is a necessity. We, at YOMA, provide all its expertise and services at your disposal. Our manpower solutions are the best one-stop destination for all industries. By helping you build the manpower you need, we ensure that our staffing solutions are up to your corporate standards.

What are the Manpower Solutions YOMA provides?

We cater to the industry needs of general or industry-specific staffing. Our service provides reliable as well as cost-effective hiring solutions. Our technologically-driven HR services paired with exceptional support provide the best solution: General Staffing Solutions: We provide end-to-end employee management and staffing services to fulfill temporary, contractual, project-based, and long-term manpower requirements. Industrial Staffing Solutions: Providing industry-specific staffing solutions with well-found expertise in unskilled laborers, technical staff, and specialized skilled workforce. We hire and deploy skilled manpower in the manufacturing units through NAPS to meet the dynamic requirements. Staff Augmentation: Focused on keeping your staffing budgets optimized, our solutions provide a flexible outsourcing strategy to hire the best talent across all the profiles and verticals with adherence to statutory compliance. Managed Services: Providing innovative solutions to develop your manpower by enhancing productivity through training, industry-specific deployment, and adherence to compliances. We ensure full transparency in our accountability by providing direct bank account payments for the workforce. Shared Resource Program: Focused on providing management services to the top stores in the FMCG/Consumer goods industry. We fulfill the dynamic requirements of operational efficiency. We provide sales promoters and representatives along with other resources within your budget to target larger areas. We assist in providing daily reports and analytics on a real-time basis, by sharing resources, we optimize the use as well as the cost. Apprenticeship Program: We provide services in affiliation with organizations working towards the issue of youth unemployment. Our services aim to upskill the youth to ensure higher wages, better job retention, and opportunities across different industries. Our robust and technologically-driven solutions provide visibility of the real-time dashboard. We believe in streamlining the workflow by generating comprehensive analytics on the execution. At YOMA, we help you build the manpower that determines the future of your organization.

Friday, 25 June 2021

6 Common Misconceptions About Recruiting Solutions

When you're in the middle of a hiring process and wish you could delegate the task to someone else, the idea of using a recruiting agency may have crossed your mind. Because of misunderstandings or unanswered questions, you may have considered it but never used a recruiting agency. We're here to clear up some common misconceptions and show you how a recruiting agency can help your business.

If you've ever considered or said any of the following phrases, it's time to investigate recruiting agencies further.

Being in the staffing industry, we've heard more than our fair share of myths about working with recruiters. Regardless of how many resources recruiters provide, many job seekers avoid using them because they have the wrong ideas. You'd be surprised at how common misconceptions can lead to a failure to leverage the power of recruiters.

Salaries are lower as a result of IT recruiter fees.

There is no doubt that recruiter fees come out of their clients' pockets, but this has no bearing on your salary. Fees are frequently determined by a contracted percentage of your first-year earnings, so the motivation to get you the best possible compensation is always high. Recruiters are frequently aware of how much a client is willing to spend to secure top talent—if the candidate is deserving, salary negotiations can go a long way. In the grand scheme of things, the compensation of recruiters is linked to yours.

IT Recruiters Are Only Concerned With Filling Roles

You read that correctly: recruiters are not paid until a role is filled, but the goal is always to fill the role with the right talent.

If recruiters place a candidate who lacks the skills to succeed and grow in a role, that candidate will be unhappy—they will lose faith in their recruiter and their ability to determine which position is the best fit for their candidate's background. Because IT recruiters work on a referral basis, simply "filling" a role has ramifications for their success: they lose referrals by simply "filling" a role.

Not only may potential referrals be lost, but the client's relationship may be jeopardized. Leadership may not issue additional orders if they are associated with an unsuitable candidate.

IT Recruiters Have No Influence Over The Hiring Process

Although recruiters do not carry out the hiring process, they do make recommendations in the hiring decision, so making a good first impression on IT recruiters is critical. Outside of their qualifications, many clients use recruiters to screen clients to see if they are a good cultural fit. Your demeanor demonstrates your soft skills, professionalism, work ethic, communication, attitude, and adaptability.

An IT Recruiter is meant to Manage Your Job Search

As helpful as recruiters can be, they are not career counsellors. Although they can provide guidance and insights into focus areas for your job search, management is ultimately up to you.

Based on your previous interactions with recruiters, you understand the significance of knowing where you've previously submitted your resume, the date, and for what roles. A simple spreadsheet can help you keep track of your job search and submissions, which you can then share with your recruiter. A resume you submitted a month ago may no longer be active, but your recruiter can resubmit it when another opportunity arises.

The Candidate's Best Interests Are Not Priorities

Recruiters work not only for their employers but also with the client and the talent. It is critical that all parties are on the same page and that all decisions are made in the best interests of the candidate. This necessitates recruiters being available for questions and inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If they don't know the answer right away, you can count on them to look it up for you.

IT Recruiters Only Place Candidates for Temporary Positions

Recruiters are assigned temporary and full-time positions; where you end up is entirely up to you. Although approximately 75% of job seekers prefer permanent assignments, there are advantages to contract assignments as well. Most contractors are hired full-time or have their contracts extended for another six months to a year.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Why Should You Consider Staffing In Construction Management?

Construction HR roles and responsibilities are similar to those in other industries. HR professionals look for and hire qualified, experienced candidates with the necessary skills. Many specialised jobs exist in construction, and the talent pool for such jobs may be quite small. HR can conduct research and make recommendations about healthcare plans, which are especially important for construction workers. HR must ensure that their company has all necessary safety precautions in place and that employees adhere to them.

People are the most valuable assets in the construction industry. HR's roles and responsibilities in the best construction companies revolve around the well-being of its employees. HR assists each employee in reaching their full potential while contributing to the company's success. Following best practices for attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining skilled workers is the most certain way your HR team can help your company become known as a place where the best workers prefer to work.

Monday, 31 May 2021

Why Experts Say The General Staffing Industry Had Gone Way Too Far

With the expansion of business and commerce, there has been a surge in hiring in India. Over the last few years, temporary staffing has expanded dramatically. Over the course of the year, the importance of a third-party payroll service provider has grown among businesses. Traditional staffing firms will face competition from digital platforms such as Upwork, Shifting, and talent in the coming months. Independent work employs up to 20 per cent to 30 per cent of the workforce in developed markets.

This will undoubtedly have an impact on organizations' talent strategies. In India, the staffing industry is poised to take a giant leap in the coming years. The sector, which consists of 15 leading firms with combined revenue of Rs 270 billion, is expected to grow at a rate of 12% this year and 10% next year. The industry is growing at a rate of 20-25 per cent per year and shows no signs of slowing down. The gig economy is still in its early stages, but it is expected to grow rapidly.

Technology will become a critical enabler for staffing firms, particularly in the field of IT staffing. Staffing firms will need to invest in time, attendance, and expense management automation solutions. According to reports, AI can automate up to 75% of the recruitment process.